Smile… it’s biting time

Shrieking screams broke through the usual night time commotion in our house.  My two boys were playing in their room so I immediately knew that something was wrong.

When I entered their room I saw my 22 month old son crying and screaming and holding his back. When I lifted up his shirt to access the damage I saw tooth marks with a little blood starting to seep through. His older brother, almost 4 years, had bitten him. I was furious and instantly started to go off on him.

But, he didn’t look sorry, which was strange.  I have to explain something first.  My eldest son is a very soft hearted, caring little boy.  His little brother, who is more of a terror, hurts him a lot and he almost never retaliates. He always looks out for him.  When his brother gets hurt or is doing something he is not supposed to, he always comes to get me to help.

However, on this specific night for some reason he just had enough.  But when he saw the mark on his brother’s back he burst out crying.  He apologised to his brother and gave him a hug.  He truly felt very bad about what happened.  Even in the following days every time he saw the mark he will say: “Sorry brother”.

In the aftermath I realized that it wasn’t always easy to be the older brother.  For one thing I expect him to share his toys with his little brother.  If they argue about anything I expect him to give in, because he understands better and it’s easier.

This is not a phase for him.  It was a one time thing.  He is not a biter.  Unfortunately, I can not say the same about his little brother.  I am sure that he is plotting his revenge in the near future.

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