To go to school

When is a child ready to go to school? My eldest started pre-school at the age of three years, but his brother is almost two and wants to go to school. How do I know?

In the mornings when we drop his brother off at school and walk him to his classroom, he runs ahead and sits at his brother’s table, very comfortable in his surroundings.  But then, when I have to take him home with me, all hell breaks loose.  He cries and screams and hits and head bangs me until I secure him in his car seat.

The highlight of his day is when we go to fetch his brother at school.  Then he is a happy little boy again.

I have to emphasize that although they are brothers, their personalities are very different. My eldest is a shy and quiet little boy who can play by himself, while his brother is a busy outgoing little rascal who has to be entertained and who doesn’t like being alone.

I truly feel that I can’t give him the stimulation he needs, because firstly I don’t have the time and secondly I can’t fill the void of not being able to play and interact with other small rascals.  I know he loves me to bits, but I also think that he finds me a little bit boring.  It is hard to be a fun mom 24/7.  As much as I love to give him attention, running a business from home makes it a bit hard.

The only time I can really get something done is during his nap time.

Just send him to school people say.  But there are a few factors I have to consider.  Firstly, the financial implications.  Although we are not going to have extra costs in transportation, because I am already taking his brother to school, there is going to be extra school fees and costs.  Secondly, and this is something that weighs very heavy on my heart, I don’t particularly like his teacher.  Almost everyday when we are at school she screams at the children and not only those in her class.  She doesn’t have a warm and comforting demeanour. My little rascal likes to get hugs, kisses and attention and I honestly don’t think that she is capable of giving this to him.  The only positive thing is that he is going to be surrounded by other children who will occupy his attention and I’m hoping that it is going to be enough. I will still be there in the background to give him as many hugs and kisses as he wants.

I know I have to make a decision very soon.  I hope I’ll make the right one, but I have a feeling that it already has been made for me.