Emotional challenges for Mom after childbirth

No matter how prepared or well informed you think you are, nothing can prepare you for the emotional challenges that come with being a mother.  The things you will think, feel and experience will surprise you and not always in a good way.

Challenge 1

When you don’t like your kid

Yes as impossible as it may seem there are going to be moments that not even you will like your own child.  There are occasions when he knows exactly what buttons to push to test your boundaries and patience to the limits.  This can result in you losing your cool and engaging in a screaming match where regrettable words can be uttered.

But, just because you don’t like him at that specific moment doesn’t mean that you love him any less, you just don’t like the behaviour.  We are only human.

To avoid the dislike and regret stage, make sure to get to bottom of what really happened.  In my case, I handle my stress by keeping everything inside and sometimes even an unrelated small thing can set me off leading to me overreacting, and when my children are tired they become more difficult to manage.  So now I handle my stress a little better and I don’t expect too much from the children when the are tired, except hugs and kisses and a bit of compromising.

Luckily these challenging moments are few and far between.


Challenge 2

Letting Dad parent too

When you are in charge of the children 24/7, it is hard to give the reins over, even to their own dad.  You feel that your children depend on you and you are the only one that can meet your own standards.  Let’s face it; Dad can be the one who may give in sooner and give them sweets instead of healthy snacks, and usually his favourite time to play is just before bedtime when the children are supposed to be winding down. Who needs that kind of help? YOU DO!

It is natural to feel that if you just do it yourself it will be much faster and easier.  But as great as your parenting ways are, there is also room for Dad’s fast-and-loose parenting style.  Children enjoy the change of pace and the variety of attention.  And remember that mom and dad love them in different ways.

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