Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I never had to make so many decisions ranging from small to really important stuff, until I became a parent.  It starts off early in the morning deciding what clothes the children are going to wear, and then deciding what they are going to eat and do for the day.  Everyday is an endless cycle of decisions.

Not to mention the really big decisions like:

  • The way and methods you are going to use to raise the kids.
  • What schools they are going to attend?
  • What activities are they going to participate in?
  • How to handle medical emergencies?
  • What kind of parent you are going to be.

You never stop being a parent because you never stop making decisions.  Even when your children becomes an adult, you still have decisions to make, such as, how to not spoil the grandchildren too much, or how to deal with the daughter-in-law.

The most terrifying part is when you realize that all the decisions, big and small, affect your child’s life in one way or another.

You have to prepare yourself that you will make plenty of wrong decisions, and the secret is not to focus too much on your failures, but rather on your accomplishments.  As long as you do your best. They say that behind every great kid is a mother who is pretty sure she’s messing it up! Don’t be too hard on yourself. Trust your gut and follow your heart.  If you put your child’s interest first you will be fine.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a Mother” No pressure then…

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