Putting things into perspective

We all go through a rough patch financially at one time, or other.  But for me, and my husband, our rough patch has been going on for a couple of years now. The most ironic thing is that before we had children we experienced “Financial Freedom” (whatever that means)

Like a plant

To be kept strong, a relationship must be attended to regularly, like a plant. It doesn’t need constant attention, but it does need regular attention. If not, it will wither after a while but can be revived! If neglected too long, then no matter how much water you put...


Relationships are mirrors, Reflecting back to us all the qualities we love and despise most about ourselves. When we learn to accept ourselves – the good, the bad and the ugly – and heal our broken pieces, we find peace with others.

Walking Wonder

The starting gate is open and we are off!!! My eleven month old baby boy is standing up against everything and anything.  He is very unhappy in the arms, or in his playpen.  He is in full cruise mode, giving me a nervous attack every few minutes.  You have...

Spanking: Do or Don’t


Spanking has been passed on from generation to generation in many families.  Most experts agree that spanking is not only ineffective, it’s actually damaging to a child’s physical, psychological, and social development. Instead of learning to differentiate between right and wrong, spanking merely teaches a child the behaviour that...

Preparing your older child for the new sibling

New Sibling

My son is the proud brother of his one year old baby brother.  I wanted to prepare him for the new addition to the family and encourage a healthy sibling bond.  I am still busy preparing and I don’t think that it will ever end.  Bringing home a newborn...

Being a full time mom????

Being a full time mom????

A doctor once told me that being a full time mom is the greatest gift you can ever give your children, and that no amount of money can compare or replace it. But what he neglected to mention was the fact that you do everything for everybody every day...