Kids say the cutest things

In the midst of our Potty Training Shenanigans, that is in full swing, my son reminded me that it is not all just business. With all my pleading, bribing, shouting, frustration, and sometimes even crying out of joy and pride, he caught me totally off guard this one specific...

Toilet Shenanigans

My three year old is well on his way to conquering his toilet training 101.  The peeing part he has mastered, but the pooping part is a different story.  Let’s just say he has developed his own method.

Doctor in the Diaper

One of the best inventions ever!!  Technology at your baby’s bottom?! Smart diapers were developed to analyze your baby’s urine for any hidden medical conditions like bladder infections, diabetes and hydration.

The Nappy Telly & Weight Watchers from Birth

You can tell if your baby is getting enough milk by monitoring his diapers.  Your baby’s urine should be pale n colour.  Your baby’s first stool is black or dark green, thick, sticky and looks like tar.  It is quite a mission to clean, but using a bit of...

Potty Pickle

At last the big day arrived.  Yet another major step to independence.  He is turning three but more importantly the time has come…. I am cautiously optimistic about doing the whole potty training predicament bit on my own for the first time.  I have waited patiently knowing that tots...