Break time snacks for kids

What lunchbox snacks to prepare for your kids can be tricky. It can sometimes be hard to get creative, especially when you have to deal with a picky eater.

7 Tips for an empty lunchbox:

  1. When preparing dinner, keep tomorrow’s lunchbox in mind. Leftover pasta can be transformed into pasta salad, or leftover chicken into chicken mayonnaise sandwiches.
  2. Use your fresh produce like bread and fruit early in the week.  Keep food with a longer shelf life like rice cakes for later in the week.
  3. It can be difficult, but try to come to an agreement with fellow parents, and the teacher, not to send sweets to school, thereby emphasizing healthy eating.
  4. Little people eat with their eyes.  By getting creative with shapes and colours you can encourage them to eat.  Use a cookie cutter to turn an ordinary sandwich into something extraordinary. Or use different size containers for different snacks, keeping it interesting.
  5. Remember if you put yogurt in, to pack a plastic spoon and wet wipe with it.
  6. Buy a flask for hot soup for cold winters, or a cold fruit smoothie for the hot summer days.
  7. Portion control is very important.  Keep the portions small because it is not a meal, but a snack.  Use only one slice of bread to make a sandwich and add a fruit. If the lunchbox is too full it can overwhelm your little one.

What to do if the bread is finished:

  • Always try to have one of the following in your pantry; digestive biscuits, breakfast bars, fruit bars with no added sugar, rice cakes and oats cookies.
  • In the fridge always try to have an assortment of cheeses.
  • Keep some frozen bran muffins and pita bread in your freezer.
  • Make your own mixture of nuts and seeds with some dried fruit for a quick snack.
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